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Tokyo Sing Song

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All good things do come to some version of an end, but the great things morph and change.

After two years of chaotic Covid reacts - and absolute lifetime highlights - we’re finding our new lane at Tokyo Sing Song with a Friday night residency and we’re super excited to present to you


A weekly excursion into all things that go bleep and blop in the night, with a heavy focus on live electronic music and Australia producers, thanks to our - ahem - friends at the Contemporary Arts Office in Canberra.

We launch next Friday with the extraordinary Donald’s House (in deejay mode), Deepa, and a special guest from across the seas - Alison Swing.

When you think Deep Bleep imagine two words that sound (and look) beautiful next to each other, not a singular focus on deep bleepy music. Although there will be plenty of that our Friday night will take a typical Picnic approach to programming. We like good music; genres are up to those performing it.

We’ll program the best, and they’ll - literally - take care of the rest.

See you on the flip side dancers! 

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